Supply Chain Issues and Windows Availability

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Supply chain issues continue to be a major challenge for the US economy.  In South Florida, we certainly feel the disruptions in almost every item we purchase, specially in the made-to-order products, such as impact windows and doors.

Construction Uplift Despite Supply Chain Conditions
The construction boom in Florida has continued despite the constant disruptions in the global supply chain that affect our local market.  Construction activity continues to impress everyone.  Windows and doors are an integral part of this activity.  As a result, the demand for this product category continues to be on the rise.  However, this strong demand has been accompanied by lead time issues as window manufactures struggle to navigate through the logistics of supply chain constraints.

Extended Delays in New Construction and Renovation Projects
Developers, general contractors and property owners have witnessed record long lead times during the last two years.  Made-to-order impact-resistant windows and doors went from an average of 4-6 weeks to an average of 20 to even 36 weeks.  All window manufacturers, local and foreign, were affected by these supply chain constraints.  As a result, construction projects, including new developments and renovation jobs, have experienced important delays.

Options to Purchase Impact Windows for This Week's Project
If you are in an urgent need to complete your project within a week, you have a great option to purchase in-stock impact-resistant windows and doors with us here at  Our window manufacturer, AirMaster, keeps a selected inventory of popular window and door dimensions.  These products, if you are lucky that we have the sizes that you are looking for, can be available within 2 to 4 business days.  You can check our selection right here on online store.








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