Privacy and Impact-Resistant Glasses

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Clear versus white interlayer in impact-resistant doors for hurricane protection.
With the common use of laminated glass units in all impact-resistant windows and doors, homeowners ask themselves what the privacy option is for this family of glasses.  For impact-resistant products, manufacturers can order the interlayer (the elastic material placed in between the two outer glass units) to be white instead of clear.  The white interlayer enables a great combination of both privacy and light through.  Unlike previous available options like the obscure glass used in annealed glass, using the white interlayer does not change the texture of the two outer glass units since the interlayer sits in between the two. 

The white interlayer option is widely used in bathrooms and entry doors.  In bathrooms or wet spaces, the privacy feature offers additional benefits to having blinds or shades which can be damaged due to extended exposure to water and excess humidity.  

Below, we are including a picture of two patio doors.  The one on the left features the white interlayer laminated glass.  The other door was built using the clear interlayer.


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