72 x 79 3/4 French Impact Door - Right Active

72 x 79 3/4 French Impact Door - Right Active

Air Master

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Set of double French impact door with multipoint lock mechanism.

Brand: Air Master
Series: FD20477
Condition: New
Frame Material: Aluminum

Width: 72
Height: 79 3/4"

Finish Color: White
Glass Color: 
Gray tint
Style: Full View (no colonial grid)

Handing: Right Active
When viewed from the outside, the primary door leaf that first operates is the one on the right.  Remember, standing on the outside.

Design Pressures: Positive 75 PSF / Negative 75 PSF

Hurricane rated: Yes. Florida approved for installation rated for high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ).

Florida Approval: FL-20477

More information: For inquiries about this product, call 305-328-9138